Knowledge transfer is definitely an important process of pedagogy during which a candidate learns about various subjects, but, evaluation is also equally important to examine one’s grasp of the subject for better results. To systemise this belief, we at Career First, organize the following Test Series:-

1. Prelims Test Series.

  • A very well knit and planned program of atleast 20 tests are conducted where questions are juxtaposed from all subjects and current affairs which caters to the latest pattern asked in the UPSC Exam.
  • The tests are conducted on an OMR sheet in a similar UPSC exam environment.
  • The test papers are checked within maximum 2 days.
  • Within a week of the tests held, detailed solutions are provided to the candidates followed by a discussion.

​​2. Mains Test Series.

  • A comprehensively programmed Test Series of atleast 18 tests wherein questions are compiled to test a candidate’s knowledge of static portion and application with respect to current affairs.
  • We completely adhere to the paper pattern in all the four General Studies papers as well as Essays.
  • The answer sheets are personally checked by the faculties with proper feedback and improvisations in terms of answer writing & time management.
  • Skills of candidates like structuring of the answers, presentation, handwriting, grammar, the demand of the question, time management, decision making etc are given special attention.